Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reading your "local" newspaper

Been reading how it is very useful to keep to the pulse of the local city or community you're investing or planning to invest in. You get to know quickly of new developments on public transit or when a big company might be moving to town, etc.

Of course the reverse is true. You get to hear about plant closings and the general vibe of a city by what is in the news (rising crime rates, natural disasters...)

I am investing in Regina so the Leader-Post is quite a good newspaper to read daily. Finding things out like new railway hubs, BHP's Potash Corp bid, even just very local economic studies like vacancy rates, average wage increases, average rents... seem to come up fairly frequently in stories. I also check Real estate that's for sale and also rental listings to get a feel for rental rates in various areas.

I've come across a company called that has 1400+ newspapers from around the world online. You can purchase editions at like a buck each or subscribe on a monthly basis at $29.95 US for all newspapers.

But for a more Canadian feel CanWest has quite a digital package using PressDisplay's technology... I of course am subscribed to Leader-Post Digital... They have a 21 day trial if you wanted to just check it out. It allows you access to 11 regional newspapers (Leader-Post, Star-Phoenix, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette, The Province, Vancouver Sun, Windsor Sun, Times Colonist) for a low monthly fee or increasing savings for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription (not much savings... I would suggest the monthly route)

$9.99 a month and you get 11 different newspapers daily... of course read what you want... but even a regular subscription is not that cheap. And this digital format really makes it easy to read your "local" papers of all the cities you are investing in. =)

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